Children dressed up as firefighters in the children's fire brigade at Pitzis Kinderhotel.
Children dressed up as firefighters next to a fire engine in Tyrol

A day at the kids firebrigade in the Pitztal

Fun and action at Pitzis Kinderhotel

Watch real heroes at work, slip into the hero's role : our child fire brigade promises lots of fun and action for your family holiday in Tyrol.

Our children's fire brigade welcomes children and teenagers of all ages from 3 to 16 years. Of course, every child get a firefighter clothing, complete with helmet and face protection - just like a real member of the fire department. After the drive with the fire department car it goes to the fire services: We look for people in the smoke and save them from the underground parking, delete a real fire with splash water .The small helpers can experience what the fire brigade is doing and what is important in the case of missions. All brave firefighters will receive a medal, which they can be proud of it.

  • From April until November
  • 2 times a week
  • Clothing for all children from 3 to 16 years
  • Classification by age
  • Fire station exit with blue lights and siren
  • Fire-fighting exercises with water
  • Fire fighting exercises with extinguisher
  • Fire fighting exercises in the underground car park with artificial smoke
  • And finally, we delete the camp fire.
  • Every child receives a fire brigade medal!

A holiday in the Tyrolean Kinderhotel in the Pitztal sounds quite to your taste? Then send us a holiday request!